Terms of Reference 2020

Terms of Reference for the Aqua Association Incorporated

  1. Advance the development of an environmentally sustainable, ecologically friendly, commercially viable and internationally competitive aquaculture & aquaponic industry in NSW.
  2. Protect and promote current aquaculture industry stakeholders and encourage new members to the industry.
  3. Gain industry and community support for the continued growth and development of the NSW Aquaculture Industry.
  4. Develop communication strategies to disseminate information on the industry and the Association's business to the community, industry and government, and act as the conduit for communication between all stakeholders.
  5. Promote mutual trust and co operation between industry, government and the community.
  6. Identify any and all impediments to development of the Aquaculture Industry in NSW and/or Australia, and suggest solutions or remedies.
  7. Identify and prioritise actions/remedies/suggestions required to be achieved and pursue favourable outcomes.

Robert B McCormack, Secretary Aqua Assoc. Inc. 2020