Membership Benefits

Benefits of Membership to the AQUA ASSOCIATION

Members of the Aqua Association Inc benefit from the advocacy, assistance, knowledge and community that can only be provided by belonging to the largest land based peak industry aquaculture and aquaponics association.

Additional benefits include:

  • Lobbying Federal and State government, to help protect your interests, business and prosperous future.
  • Tapping into members’ experience and contacts to ensure a united, stronger voice on important issues.
  • Bringing together aquaculturalists from around Australia to meet and talk to other members to share experiences and knowledge. Talk to those that are doing it and find out how. (Commercial farmers are busy people but will make time for other members of the Association – many will only talk to you if you are a member).
  • Representation with Government, ensures your opinion is heard and your interests are safeguarded.
  • Monthly newsletters. Our members keep up-to-date with proposed regulatory changes, the latest news or the latest research results through member only newsletters.
  • Free advertising on this website. Membership provides a host of opportunities to showcase produce, products or brands to other members and the wider general community with over 100,000 visitors to the website monthly.
  • Access to the Associations members only library/data base with over 300 articles, papers, books and information (All the latest research is on the data base).
  • Discount members only attendance fees for Events, Field Days, Workshops and Conferences.
  • Access to APVMA Minor Use Permits (MUP’s) of the aquaculture industries, therapeutic chemicals.
  • Only members get certain considerations, for example the CSIRO SUPERYABBY STOCK was only available to members.
  • Members of work together to promote and support the industry, if you are not a member you’re not working with the industry and will not have all the latest information and be kept informed and have an input into your industry.(All departments and researchers advise us of latest developments and we advise you).
  • Regular monthly member only newsletter written by industry experts.
  • Access to the smartphone app so to keep up to date with the latest information while on the go.

Membership is not restricted to just and is open to all. Members include licensed aquaculturalists, those thinking of entering the industry, hobby farmers, educators, equipment suppliers and those seeking the latest industry news.

Members that are interested in promoting Aquaculture and Aquaponics work with the industry to promote and nurture aquaculture in Australia. If you want to be part of the industry or keep your finger on the pulse of the industry then join up now.