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The AQUA ASSOCIATION is a peak industry body that represents the land-based Aquaculture and Aquaponics industry. The AQUA ASSOCIATION provides, representation, support, information, education and a platform for communication between all its members that include commercial producers, hobbyists, educators, suppliers and researchers. Membership is available to all that want to work together towards the betterment of the industry.

The AQUA ASSOCIATION represents and supports land based Aquaculture farmers for the sustainable growth of a key food security industry.

With seafood consumption worldwide on the rise, production in Aquaculture and Aquaponics is meeting this increasing demand. Total global production of seafood is around 179 million tons (2018) and growing strongly. Aquaculture is meeting this demand and is the fastest growing food production sector in the world, with over 50% of all seafood consumed worldwide being produced by Aquaculture.

When you consider global production from the wild harvest is relatively static with an increased pressure on global resources each year and demand for seafood continues to rise each year it’s easy to see that the extra demand must be met by Aquaculture product.


Rise in global aquaculture production from 1990 to 2018

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As Australia's population grows so does the demand for sustainable sources of seafood. The domestic wild catch is currently maxed out at the current sustainable harvest level with zero capacity for growth. Australian yearly seafood consumption is approximately 70% imported and only 30% from domestic supply both commercial fisheries and aquaculture. Consumer demand for domestic aquaculture produce exceeds supply with enormous capacity for future growth.

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Domestic aquaculture has the potential to significantly expand to help meet domestic and international demand.

There are many rules and regulations in each state and territory for commercial aquaculture but that just ensures that the aquaculture produced is the cleanest, greenest, safest seafood that money can buy. We don’t have the disease and pollution problems that overseas farms suffer from, our farms are designed and regulated for best practice to minimize any problems and ensure the environment is protected and not affected by our aquaculture and aquaponic farming activities.

Being regulated ensures that the aquacultured fish and yabbies produced are not only sustainable, environmentally friendly produced but it is produced as food safely for the farmer and the consumer. Aquaculture products from the pond to the plate is grown and sold with the health of the consumer in mind so you as a consumer can be assured it is not only safe to eat but it is some of the cleanest, greenest, and healthiest seafood that money can buy. This is why our Australian Aquaculture produce is in such high demand overseas.

If you are into or are thinking of getting into aquaculture or aquaponics then join the AQUA ASSOCIATION to keep informed. If you are looking to buy aquaculture and aquaponics products then buy it from a member of the Association, these members are the ones working together towards the betterment of the industry and the ones that are doing it right.

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 Our current President (2021) Paul Van der Werf with the then Prime Minister Tony Abbott