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NSW Aquaculture Production Report 2012-2019

Each year NSW aquaculture permit holders record their annual production of produce (oysters, fish, prawns, yabbies, etc.) and NSW Fisheries compiles all this information into an annual report. If you would like to view how many kilograms of silver perch or yabbies that were sold in the 2012-2013 financial year and at what average price then this report is what your looking for.  PDF REPORT

Aquaculture production reports

These annual reports contain specific data on production in NSW, covering fish, crustaceans, molluscs and oysters.



Aquaculture Production Report 2018-2019

PDF, 1.9 MB

Aquaculture Production Report 2017-2018

PDF, 1.6 MB

Aquaculture Production Report 2016-2017

PDF, 2.5 MB

Aquaculture Production Report 2015-2016

PDF, 745.9 KB

Aquaculture Production Report 2014-2015

PDF, 404.8 KB

Aquaculture Production Report 2013-2014

PDF, 1.1 MB


ARAC Strategic Plan 2017-2022

NSW Aquaculture Research Advisory Committee RD&E Strategic Plan 2017-2022. This plan provides guidance for the development and implementation of RD&E in support of the NSW aquaculture industry PDF PLAN 2017-2022


Land Based Aquaculture Sustainable Aquaculture Strategy

The NSW Land Based Sustainable Aquaculture Strategy (NSW LBSAS) is made up of two interlinked sections – a best management section and an integrated approvals section so that projects can be established and operated to meet sustainability objectives.

Overview of aquaculture and the planning approval process PDF Overview 788KB

LBAS. Detailed information required to develop an aquaculture proposal and for seeking a development consent can be found in the NSW Land Based Sustainable Aquaculture Strategy (LBAS) which promotes the ecological sustainable development (ESD) of the land based aquaculture industry in NSW. The strategy aims to simplify the approvals process for aquaculture giving greater certainty to the community and investors. It also details best practice guidelines for aquaculture based on ESD principles and outlines the regulatory framework for NSW. PDF Strategy 2.7 MB


Australian Freshwater Crayfish List

This is a list and photograph of all Australian freshwater crayfish. Each species lists the state it which it occurs and every species for NSW has a photo to help identification. Link to List