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By Robert McCormack

Across Australia there are numerous different species of freshwater crayfish, at this stage the number is around 140 different species that are described. In NSW we have approximately 41 species at this stage but new species are being discovered all the time. In Australia we have 10 different genera of freshwater crayfish and 5 of these are represented in NSW. For a current list of all the different species go to

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For a guide to all the different crayfish species that occur in NSW you can purchase “The Freshwater Crayfish of NSW Australia”. This full colour book gives you colour photos of all the species in NSW. To purchase online go direct to a members website

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The most common and well known freshwater crayfish species is the Common Yabby Cherax destructor. This is the species that is the subject of a large aquaculture industry and aquarium pet industry in NSW. For information on Commercial Yabby Farming or Keeping Pet Yabbies go to

The next most common species in NSW are the Giant Spiny Crayfish. The Murray Lobsters Euastacus armatus and The Giant Spiny Crayfish Euastacus spinifer are some of the more common and well known species that are large and very spiny growing to over 1 kilogram in size. For information on these species check out Australian Aquatic Biological Pty Ltd You can purchase a book on all the spiny crayfish of Australia “A Guide to the Spiny Freshwater Crayfish” by Robert B McCormack at any good book store or you can purchase online at AABio Bookshop

The three most common freshwater crayfish species under culture in Australia are; The Yabby – Cherax destructor. The Redclaw – Cherax quadricarinatus. The Western Australian Marron- Cherax cainii. Though all these species can be cultured in NSW the one that is most suitable and most commonly aquacultured is The Yabby (Cherax destructor).

These are the main  crayfish species cultured in NSW by the majority of our members. They are grown as food for restaurants, animal food, dam stock, bait and aquarium pets, etc. If you need yabbies for any reason try these members;



Aquablue Seafoods Pindimar NSW 2324 Neil Meyrick “yabbies available”

AUSTSILVERS Port Stephens NSW. Dam stock yabbies, delivered to your door by Star Track Express (All eastern States and SA)

Mudgee Yabbies and Fish bait yabbies” “dam stockers” “eating yabbies” Marg & Peter Burns Phone: 02 63732236,  Email:

Narrabri Fish Farm. Bait, dams stock, eating. yabby food. Phone: 0428 749 606  Email: 

Otway Yabbies Steve Chara 240-250 Portreath Road, Bellbrae Vic. Email:


Murray Lobster Euastacus armartusThe Murray Lobster Euastacus armatus

The Murray lobster is a spiny crayfish and the 2nd largest freshwater crayfish species in the world, it grows to several kilograms in size and is aquaculture by one of our members for the aquarium trade. Other species of spiny Euastacus crayfish are also available from Steve as well as a number of different Cherax species. If you want a giant spiny crayfish as an aquarium pet contact Steve Chara (Otway Yabbies) “Home of the Yum Yab TM  &The Express Yabby TM”



If you would like to find out about the giant spiny crayfish (Euastacus) that are found in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and into the south eastern corner of South Australia. Then the book “A guide to Australia’s Spiny Freshwater Crayfish” is available at: Australian Aquatic Biological  Go to bookshop “Click Here”



Image Marron Cherax cainii IMGA0587The Marron Cherax cainii

Marron are renowned for their excellent eating qualities. Unfortunately, marron are unsuitable for NSW and not commercially grown or for sale in this State. Marron are commercially grown in southern WA and Kangaroo Island. These areas are suitable for marron as they have mild temperatures never getting too hot or too cold. 

Cooked Marron IMGA0615Cooked Marron