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Species List
  • 1st July 2020 Sleepy cod (Oxyeleotris lineolatus) is a tropical species (need water over 22°C) native to tropical Australia. A related species, the Marbled Sand Goby (Oxyeleotris marmorata), is the highest pric... more
  • 20th June 2020 The Australian Bass is a native species of the eastern drainage systems of Australia. The Bass is a catadromous species which spends the majority of its time in freshwater , but migrates downstream ea... more
  • 19th June 2020 Barramundi are one of the largest fish species, they grow to over 50 kilograms in weight and 1.5mtrs long. They are fast growing and very tasty to eat so prized as an aquaculture species.Barras ar... more
  • 18th June 2020 (This is an old article – I’ve sold that farm and no longer breed Bullrouts – but the information may still be useful to someone – Thanks Rob)Bullrouts are a member of t... more
  • 17th June 2020 By Rob McCormackEel tailed Catfish are a native of NSW and can be found in both Eastern and Western River systems. There are at least a dozen different species of Eel tailed Catfish in Australia but... more
  • 15th June 2020 By Rob McCormackThere are 4 different species of eels you can find in Coastal NSW. Only 2 of them are of interest to us and these are the most common types. Basically we have two types of eels, Long... more
  • 13th June 2020 The Freshwater Mussel – Velesunio ambiguus is a native of the Murray Darling System as well as many eastern flowing rivers.  There are a huge number of different species of f... more
  • 13th June 2020 Across Australia there are numerous different species of freshwater crayfish, at this stage the number is around 140 different species that are described. In NSW we have approximately 41 species at th... more
  • 12th June 2020 By Rob McCormackCommonly known as Yellowbelly are an Australian native freshwater fish of the Murray Darling System and in the South is also known as Callop. They are carnivores which eat yabbies, s... more
  • 11th June 2020 Goldfish are colourful fish that are used as aquarium species, not as food for human consumption. They are aquacultured by large numbers of people and are easy to look after and breed. The ancestors o... more
  • 10th June 2020 Koi Carp and the common carp are similar and are all members of the carp family. They originated in Japan and now are grow across the planet for their magnificent colours, large size and long lifespan... more
  • 10th June 2020 Murray Cod are natives of the Murray Darling drainage basin of Australia.  They are a predatory fish with excellent eating qualities.  They can be captured on baits and lures but are not ver... more
  • 3rd June 2020 We have two main species of trout in NSW, the Brown Trout (Salmo trutta) and the Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss). Rainbow trout are the ones commercially cultured and in NSW we produce 150,000 kgs... more
  • 2nd June 2020 Silver Perch are one of the most common freshwater aquaculture species in NSW. The silver perch (Bidyanus bidyanus) is an Australia native freshwater fish. Its natural distribution extends through the... more
  • 1st June 2020 The Yabby is a freshwater crayfish native to Australia. Also known as a crawchie, crawdad, craybob or even lobbie, it’s all dependent on where you come from.Yabbies as a name can refer to any ... more

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